Course Content

We have broken the course down into:
Units 1 to 5 - hair cutting – 14 days £600.00
Unit 6 - beard care incorporates trimming, shaping, restyle, and removal – 3 days, £175.00
Unit 7 - cut throat shaving – 5 days, £300.00.
Course objectives: The aim of this course is to teach you:
1. Health, Safety & Hygiene in the Workplace
2. Communication Skills & Customer Interaction
3. Washing Hair & General Hair Care
4. Clipper Cutting
5. Clipper & Scissor Cutting
(Units 1 to 5 for Haircutting is a stand-alone certificate in haircutting)
6. Beard Care (plus units 1 & 2) is a stand-alone certificate in Beard Care
7. Cut Throat Shaving (plus units 1 & 2) is a stand-alone certificate in Cut Throat Shaving.


For Unit 1, we have a bespoke training component specific to this environment, designed for us by an accredited H&S Training Organisation.

All courses are intensive 1-2-1 tuition by our senior barber. You can choose to do all the courses by block booking and take advantage of a large discount – please see fees.

You will still need to complete Units 1 and 2 in conjunction with Unit 6 or Unit 7 unless you can show you have already completed the relevant training elsewhere. Once you have completed all the units 1-7, and spent some time practising your new skills, there is the option of further training at Lvl. 3


Although there is no formal exam at the end of training, we still have to be satisfied trainees have met the required standards for practical skill, and knowledge and understanding. Therefore, to complete any of the courses and obtain the certificate you must meet the Underpinning Knowledge by written answers to questions, ongoing oral questions, and demonstrate the practical skills of barbering.

At the end of the course, provided you have met the required standards, you will be issued with the GrooMRooM Certificate of Barbering Level 2 for the course you have undertaken.

The trainer will be fully supportive, and we encourage you to ask questions too! Please remember – be on time – be professional – pay attention - and always ask questions and enjoy your training with us!